1. Kotlin Update

    A Quick Recap from last year:

    Kotlin is being packaged under the Google Summer of Code within the Debian organization itself. The major reason behind bringing Kotlin in Debian is to update all the Android packages which are now heavily dependent upon the Kotlin libraries.

    The major work to bring …

  2. Beginning of the end

    Work done

    Hey all, since the last page of this post we have come so far into packaging Kotlin 1.3.30. I am glad to announce that Kotlin 1.3.30's dependencies are completely packaged and only refining work on intellij-community-java (which is the source package of the IntelliJ …

  3. Packaging Dependencies Part 2; and plan on how to

    Mapping and packaging dependencies part 1

    Hey all, I had my exams during weeks 8 and 9, so I couldn't update my blog nor get much accomplished; but last week was completely free so I managed to finish packaging all the dependencies from packaging dependencies part 1. Since some of …

  4. Packaging Dependencies Part 1; and plan on how to

    Finished downgrading the project to be buildable by gradle 4.4.1

    I have finished downgrading the project to be buildable using gradle 4.4.1. The project still needed a part of gradle 4.8 that I have successfully patched into sid gradle. here is the link to the …

  5. Converting build files to Groovy; week 2 update

    I spent the first two weeks on updating build files of Kotlin to groovy so that we can reduce the dependency on kotlin-dsl while packaging Kotlin.

    task("dist") is the task that we call in order to build Kotlin 1.3.30 so it would be enough to translate and …

  6. Welcome to the Debian Kotlin GSoC blog

    I’ll be using this blog to track progress on packaging Kotlin and report on what I am doing during the GSoC period. So let me go on a head and start with the current progress in packaging Kotlin.

    Packaging Kotlin

    Kotlin 1.1.1

    During GSoC 2018 I tried …